Welcome, book nerds 📚

We could talk about books alllllll day. Quite frequently, we do. And we share some of this in our podcast Better Words.

We’ve been podcasting for five years now, sharing in-depth conversations with authors like Beth O’Leary, Alice Oseman, Meg Mason and SO many more!

But if you’re as obsessed with books as us, you’ll know there’s no such thing as too many book recommendations.

So, that’s why we started this Substack.

We’ll share our favourite things each month – what we’ve loved reading, watching and listening to.

And we can’t wait to get all the recommendations from you, too!

You can also find us Storygraph: Michelle and Caitlin.

Meet your book nerds…

Caitlin Toohey

Hi, I'm Caitlin! I've been on bookstagram since 2016, a podcaster since 2017, and worked in publishing since 2019. So books and reading are my entire life. When I'm not reading, I like listening to Taylor Swift, watching sitcoms, and going to aerial classes.

Michelle Gately

Hi, I'm Michelle! I write words and tell stories for a living as a journalist and marketer. So it makes sense that in my spare time, I'm devouring more words and talking about books, right? I've been podcasting since 2017 and now also work in radio. When I'm not thinking about words, I can be found cuddling my pug Percy and listening to too much true crime.

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Caitlin Toohey

Reader, podcaster, Swiftie

Michelle Gately

Writing words and telling stories for a living. Reading stories and talking about them for fun. One half of Better Words Podcast. I love a hardback, listen to way too many true crime podcasts and my tea of choice is Yorkshire.